Name's Bailey. I'm 23 from a small town in Dorset near the coast. I fluctuate in the space between realist and dreamer. Much like my page here I'm a bit all over the place. Interest in most Science, Tech and expanding of the human mind. Most of my opinions balance on a fence.
I take photographs. I make music. I play video games.

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I want to run away, through this dense electric labyrinth, to a place where life is more than an elaborate array of zero's and one's amusing vacant eyes. Where lands aren't made or bred and fluorescent skies are nowhere to be seen.

"We set sail with no fixed star in sight,
  We drive by Braille and candle light"
               - Dustin Kensrue

Early morning thoughts,
Can entropy be reversed,
as the butter melts

As this night passes
I miss how you wanted me
and your copulance